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Haystack - hack the box

Introduction Target: Kali: HayStack is an easy box in hack the box. But it does isn’t easy at all. It’s annoying to find the user and password in the messy Spanish. For the root, you should have a basic understanding of ELK. Hence, the box is quite fresh in htb. Information Enumeration As usual, nmap is utilized to detect detailed ports and services. # Nmap 7.70 scan initiated Sun Jun 30 01:10:53 2019 as: nmap -sT -p- --min-rate 1500 -oN ports 10.

Holiday -- hack the box

Introduction Target: Kali: Holiday is an insane box officially. It’s really difficult to get the user permission. The most difficult part should be how to pass the XSS filter. It may need a lot of time. And the root privesc is based on the exploitation of npm install which is relatively fresh. Information enumeration As usual, use nmap to detect open ports and related services: nmap -A

Help -- hack the box

Introduction Target: Linux) Kali: To be honest, Help is not a difficult box. But there are some rabbit holes in the box. And in some case, you may come across some very strange situations. May you should step back, find if there is something wrong. For the PrivEsc of root, never give up trying the most basic method. Infomation Enumeration Firstly, gather open ports and services: # Nmap 7.

Nibbles - Hack the box

Introduction Target: Linux) Kali linux: Information Enumeration Firstly, detect the open ports: nmap -sT -p- --min-rate 10000 -oA openports There are not too many open ports, just 80 and 22. Detect the detailed services of the open ports: nmap -sC -sV -oA services Nothing special found. The only clue may be the open port of 80. To be honest, the box with less open ports is easier in general.